Rajneesh vohra

Art, painting & drawing


Plunge headlong into the capital city of the world’s largest democracy.Breeze into one of the greenest capitals in the world. Feel the pulse of a city with a myriad contradictions; where the traditional, modern and contemporary co exist effortlessly. 

A refreshing group of 7 young students from the Delhi College of Art take a city bus to the venues of the erstwhi
le 7 cities of Delhi. Their mission is to paint stories from those cities as they figure out the 8th city of Delhi; today’s Delhi. They actually recreate Delhi’s journey down the ages, outlining all the influences that have made Delhi into the paradoxical, multi faceted city it is today. The film rocks our sense of time as we find ourselves moving from the paintings on the bus, to rare archival pictures and back to images of a contemporary world capital.

For the first time ever- this unusual documentary helps you feel
the body and soul of a city that exists on multiple levels. A city where the sheer joy of discovering a new corner or an unique insight is a huge high! Even for the die hard resident. This is Delhi. Or Dilli, as it is fondly called by locals. And this film gives you a glimpse into the soul of the city. 

How does a city co- exist with ancient rock hewn forts amidst glittering shopping malls? A capital city whose citizens bow their heads to a giant statue of the Monkey God, Hanuman, even as they streak past him aboard a sleek, silver metro rail – one of the best in the world? This is uniquely Delhi.

An unusual narrative where as the students complete painting the bus – they simultaneously complete the picture of the 7 cities of Delhi. A film that takes us right into the heart of Delhi - an epitome of multiple cultures.